IBM's certification request letter

The following is an excerpt from IBM's submission to the FCC requesting certifiaction for the combination of the Intel Pro/Wireless 2100B and X40 combination.

The applying LMA transmitter is a user installable wireless card.

A unique electrical connector (so called BIOS Lock) is employed for the host devices to satisfy the FCC rule Part 15.203 or RSS-210 5.5. This mechanism enables user to install the applying LMA transmitter to the specified hosts (Thinkpad X40 Series and others listed in the previous submissions).

The detail explanation of the unique coupling between the LMA transmitter and antenna systems is shown in the separate exhibit "Confidential_BIOS_Lock.pdf", however IBM would like to hold it in confidence to maintain the secure "unique operability" with the applying card and IBM antenna systems.

The BIOS Lock function is also effective for the user's maintenance in replacing a broken card with a spare part.

Matthew Garrett
Last modified: Mon Apr 26 14:04:21 BST 2004